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The next generation of the education, is here! Connecting teachers and students through technology. Greater convenience for the teacher and better learning for the students.

The teacher creates quizzes related to content, students connect simultaneously in a fun and interactive competition!

Popo Nerd

The best way to

unite teachers, students and technology.

We create the best application that can measure students performance and give the teacher better guidance for their pedagogical strategies.

Students engaged in classes

Frequent tests and in competition with others students, increases the participation rate and dedication of students.

Great quizzes!

With PopoNerd teachers can create interactive, challenging and fun filled quizzes.

Teachers and Technology

All questionnaires performed generate data that can be used by the teacher for better pedagogical management.


Why the POPO NERD?

There are many reasons to describe why POPO NERD is special, in addition to having been born from the difficulties experienced by teachers and pedagogues.

Competitive environment

Make your lessons more interesting with a good dose of competition with quizzes about the content of your lessons.

Hold students' attention

The expectation of a competition at the end of the class, increases the interest in learning the teacher's content better.


All questionnaires gather information on percentages of achievement, successes and errors to help the teacher define a better pedagogical strategy.

Fun socialization

Grouping students together in an Internet quiz at the same time as their peers can be fun and contribute to better socialization.

Quiz as a test

The teacher can use the quiz as a test for their class, with accurate reports on the questions presented to students.

Fun and technology

The union of these two elements can be summarized as: Better student performance, accurate information and time savings for teachers.

Do not waste time

Join us and use POPO NERD in your classes, family gatherings or wherever your creativity allows. Open the doors to technology and take a quality leap in your classes and save time to invest in your own life.